Professional Hunter Profiles

Guy Whittall

Guy Whittall was born and raised on Humani, and spent his formative years hunting, fishing and simply adventuring about in his family’s limitless backyard. He excelled at ball sports and represented Zimbabwe in rugby and cricket at schoolboy level, then becoming a permanent member of a formidable Zimbabwe cricket team. In 2003, Guy retired from international cricket, attained his professional hunter’s license and returned to his roots to help his father manage the family safari business. He currently hunts between Humani and Nungu/Messalo, and assists in the daily running of Roger Whittall Safaris.

Peter Wood

An accomplished and experienced professional hunter, Peter comes from a long line of African big-game hunters. His great-grandfather, Peter Snyders, travelled north from Cape Town by oxcart in the 1830s, to hunt ivory along the Save River, and his grandfather Gert Snyders also made a living hunting ivory. Gert Snyders was eventually killed by an elephant at the age of 73. Peter Wood embarked on his hunting apprenticeship under Roger Whittall in 1995, and attained his full PH license in 1999. He has hunted for RWS ever since. In 17 years of hunting with clients, Peter has never failed on a buffalo hunt, and maintains an 80-90% leopard success rate. Pete is happily married to Simone.

Butch Coaton

One of Zimbabwe’s most experienced and competent PHs, Butch Coaton received his PH license in 1987 and has been hunting ever since, predominantly in the Zambezi Valley. Having guided approximately 400 buffalo hunts in his career, there are few big-game areas in Zimbabwe where Butch has not hunted. Butch is married to Jennifer, Roger and Anne Whittall’s second daughter, and they have two daughters, Holly and Kate.