Rob and Cash Anderson

In August, 2017, I took my college-age son on a hunt in Zimbabwe. It was my fifth trip to Africa – fourth to Zimbabwe. It was his first. We hunted with Roger Whittall Safaris and stayed at the Tergwe Camp overlooking the Tergwe River in the Save Conservancy.

Our PH was Guy Whittall. The Whittall family has lived in the area since the 1920s, and a very meaningful part of the trip was meeting Guy’s parents.

The stay at the camp alone was well worth the trip. Wildlife of all types was visible daily, and during the night we heard lions, leopards, and baboons. We saw kudu, waterbuck, baboon, elephant, nyala, buffalo, impala, and numerous other game from our camp every day.

Our hunt was initially dedicated to buffalo. We got up in the morning, found tracks, and followed them up. We got into buffalo daily, and some days, two or three different groups. This was on a “close up” basis. The buffalo hunt was fantastic. We generally returned to camp at noon for lunch and rest, and then back out until dark, usually on a walk through the many miles of riverine country that made the area so special.

There were heavily-forested areas, including an area of fever trees. There was typical “bush” country and areas far more open. We could hunt both sides of the Tergwe River, and the habitat there held a wide variety of game. Guy Whittall was patient with me and my son, and as an observer, my son was able to take impala, zebra, and a large kudu bull.

Overall, we saw more game and a greater variety of game than on any of my prior trips. The area contains the Big 5, with elephant and buffalo especially plentiful. You couldn’t beat this as a sight for a plains game hunt. The camp, the people, the food, and the surroundings were terrific. We highly recommend Roger Whittall Safaris for your next African hunt.


Rob and Cash Anderson
Pierre, South Dakota, USA